Sherri Atanasov, Licensed Social Worker
1 year 3 weeks ago

A:  Medical Social Workers assist patients and families to cope with psychological and social problems that they may encounter when faced with an illness, hospitalization and medical treatment.  A medical Social Worker performs a comprehensive assessment of a patient’s social, emotional, environmental, financial, and support needs, which may affect the...

1 year 3 weeks ago

A.  Developing a relationship with your pharmacist is important because aside from accurately dispensing your prescriptions, the most important thing that a pharmacy or pharmacist can offer to you is information.  The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), a non-profit organization recognized world-wide as the premier education resource for...

Diane Rowe, BSN, RN, CDE
1 year 4 weeks ago

Many people feel anxious and confused when they hear they have diabetes.  They start reading about it in brochures, books and on websites. Family, friends and neighbors offer advice.  All these opinions may leave them more confused. 

Here are some truths about diabetes:

Tara Raudebaugh, RN, MSN, Manager of The Women's Pavilion
1 year 6 weeks ago

A.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is a baby born with a birth defect every 4.5 minutes. Most birth defects occur during the first three month of pregnancy can happen before the mother even knows she is pregnant. While not always preventable, you can lower your risk for having a baby with a birth defect by:

Tim Breiner, MS, RCEP
1 year 9 weeks ago

A:  ECP therapy (external counterpulsation therapy) is an alternative to treating blocked coronary arteries that does not involve surgery.  This non-invasive procedure can help someone who suffers from chronic chest pain.  During an ECP treatment the patient lies on an exam table while a series of three blood pressure cuffs wrapped around each leg is...

1 year 11 weeks ago

HealthPoint is now offering a "Kids Korner" option to parents who are Health & Wellness members at HealthPoint!  The "Kids Korner" service is free to Health & Wellness members.

1 year 12 weeks ago

Each year, many of us pledge to exercise more and lose weight.  As a Personal Trainer, my goal is to get you to sustain your pledge long enough that you develop habits to reach your goals.  Three successful tips that I’ve observed in personal training clients who have success reaching their goal are:  setting realistic goals, making exercise a...

by Monique Arsenault, Program Director
1 year 14 weeks ago

A. If you suffer from a chronic wound that hasn’t healed in 30 days or a medical condition such as diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, bone infections, radiation skin irritations or vascular disorders resulting in poor blood circulation, your doctor may prescribe hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO).

The Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Healing Center uses HBO to...

James Freehahn, CRT, RCP
1 year 14 weeks ago

A.   Treatment for COPD can include a variety of things.  The first step would be to make lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes can include:

by James Freehahn, CRT, RCP
1 year 15 weeks ago

A.   Treatment for COPD can include a variety of things.  The first step would be to make lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes can include: