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We offer a variety of classes for every age and activity level. Aquatic and Land based Fitness Specialty classes are offered in our facility. Classes are designed at different intensity levels for those who can work at the beginner, intermediate or advanced stages. Some of the classes we offer are: Yoga, Boot Camp, Tae Bo, Zumba, Pilates, Senior Strength, Aqua Fusion and Fluid Moves, among many more.

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What can I do to help keep my New Year's Resolutions?

Each year, many of us pledge to exercise more and lose weight. Three successful tips that I’ve observed in personal training clients who have success reaching their goal are:  setting realistic goals, making exercise a habit, and having a “Plan B”.

Set realistic goals:  Many people start out with unrealistic goals, making drastic resolutions like “I will never eat” or “I will always exercise every day” limit the likelihood of success.  Start with little goals and build onto them, such as “today I will eat one more serving of vegetables,” or “I will walk a little farther than I did yesterday.” Once you have set your realistic goals, write them down to help your self-monitoring and increase the odds of successful weight loss and maintenance of fitness goals.

Make it a Habit:  Many of our daily actions are habits, not decisions.  Habits assist the brain in creating a routine that allows the brain to conserve energy.   For example, change the afternoon habit of a sugar laden specialty coffee with a walk in the opposite direction of the coffee shop with a friend. 

Have a Plan B.   Exercise is more than just a January resolution and getting into the fitness facility for a month.  Look ahead - what will interrupt your normal exercise routine - plan for disruptions by having a “Plan B”.  If you were planning on exercising in the morning but you overslept, pack your clothes so you can go to the gym right after work.  Going out to eat?  Look at the menu with calories online.  Have a plan before you even set foot in the restaurant. Invite help from a personal trainer to reinvent your workout routine.  You can even join a group exercise class.

If you are struggling to maintain your New Year’s resolutions to eat better and exercise more and need some help, talk to a personal trainer like the ones at HealthPoint for more information.  They can help you set realistic goals, make it a habit, and have a Plan B. 

by Sherry Leggett, Health & Wellness Specialist/Nutritionist at HealthPoint
Wooster Community Hospital

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Fran George
Fran George
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Shellie Head
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Specialty: ACE (American Council on Exercise – Certified Personal Trainer
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Katie Swartzentruber
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