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Our medically based Health & Wellness facility is located in the HealthPoint building.  Our facility incorporates a spacious gym area, warm water pool, free weight and inviting large and small group studio designed to provide an optimal experience.  Several membership levels allow access to the gym, pool, nutritional counseling, massotherapy and numerous other services.  Sport Specific Training classes designed for young athletes, and Group Exercise, Land and Pool classes for all ages are available.


An all-inclusive membership gives an individual access to all base services for no additional fees.  These services include unlimited gym access, unlimited group exercise classes, and open swim times.  Members also receive the Wellness 101 Orientation Class, exercise design, and quarterly follow-up appointments.  Wellness 101 is a class, delivered by our specialists that will provide you with all the necessary information to start your program safely and effectively.


We offer a variety of classes for every age and activity level.  Aquatic and Land based Fitness Specialty classes are offered in our facility.  Classes are designed at different intensity levels for those who can work at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced stages.  Some of the classes we offer are:  Yoga, Boot Camp, Tae Bo, Zumba, Pilates, Senior Strength, Aqua Fusion, and Fluid Moves, among many more. For a class calendar please visit the HealthPoint Classes page


Healthpoint is located at:
3727 Friendsville Road Wooster OH 44691 (map)


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Special Services

HealthPoint Services
HealthPoint Services


Our Massotherapists are uniquely trained in Sports, Relaxation and therapeutic techniques.  Whether you are looking to improve your athletic performance or a little pampering after a tough week our therapists can provide relief from symptoms of anxiety, tension, depression, insomnia, and stress.  Our Massotherapists are specifically trained for back and neck pain, muscular pain, and some forms of chronic pain.
To schedule your Massage today call 330.202.3300.

  • $41 + Tax per ½ hour

  • $55 + Tax for 1 hour

  • Hot Stone Massages $65 + Tax

Zonya Diet Free

HealthPoint is pleased to provide an 8-step habit program that inspires and motivates a healthy lifestyle.  Zonya Diet Free allows people to work at their own pace, by working on one step at a time, you can do each step in a week or a month, whatever it takes.  Certified Wellness Coach and Nutritionist guide you through the program on a weekly basis.

Kids Korner

You can come in and use our facility, and bring your children while here.  This allows for convenience and flexibility.

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Personal Training
Personal Training

Personal Training
Need a little help, just getting started or want to get to the next level of fitness.  HealthPoint provides individual training sessions with our health & wellness specialists or consultants.  Personal training includes:

  • One-on-one training
  • Access to SGT Studio
  • Health & wellness screening
  • Nutrition and Exercise Education

Personal Training Cost:
$40 - per session for members
$222 - 6 session pack for members
$420 - 12 session pack for members

$50 - per session for non-members
$282 - 6 session pack for non-members
$540 - 12 session pack for non-members

$50 screening/program design



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HealthPoint Staff
HealthPoint Staff

At HealthPoint we value you as our customer and we are so pleased to be able to provide you with a place that you can come and exercise and receive services from Wooster Community Hospital. One way we do this is through assembling a great team to assist you during your visit. For a list of our entire HealthPoint team please visit the Healthpoint Staff page.

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Sports Performance Lab
Sports Performance Lab

The sports performance lab includes VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold Testing.  VO2 Max testing is the single best predictor of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance.  Lactate Threshold testing is the point, during which increasingly intensive exercise, that the athlete begins to produce or exceed the body’s ability to remove it from the system.  This threshold enables the HealthPoint’s staff to access the athlete’s potential and develop training zones to maximize the athletes training and improve athletic performance.  We also offer video gait analysis training, which is separate from the tests notes above.The cost is $150 for both tests.

To schedule your appointment please contact either Brian Coote or Jeremy Brantner at 330-202-3300.

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Corporate Health and Wellness
Corporate Health and Wellness

Corporate Care of Wooster Community Hospital

  • Provides free screenings and benefit communication for employees of companies who desire this service – there is generally no fee for these services.
  • Provides occupational medicine (Worker’s Comp) services for employers.

Contact the Corporate Care of Wooster Community Hospital department at 330-263-8212.

Corporate Wellness Plans

Employers can choose a Corporate Wellness Plan that HealthPoint’s Corporate Wellness Specialists will administer for their employees – costs vary by plan level.

Contact the Corporate Wellness department at 330-202-3308.


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