Support Groups

At Wooster Community Hospital, we have found that support groups provide an important source of emotional and psychological benefits for our patients, former patients and their friends and families.

Pastoral Care

The goal of Pastoral Care at Wooster Community Hospital is to assure every patient of spiritual care that complements the physical care a patient receives. Information is made available to local clergy who desire to know if any of their parishioners are hospitalized, unless the patient opts not to be included on the hospital census. The Chaplain's Office will notify the patient's church of their admission when requested to do so by the patient.

The hospital Chaplain attempts to visit patients who have no church affiliation, and supplements the spiritual care given to those with church affiliations when needed. At times when the Hospital Chaplain is not in the building, local pastors who volunteer as On Call Chaplains are available when pastoral care needs arise.

  • Hospital Chaplain: Alan Nathan
  • Assistant Chaplain: Mary Jicha
  • Phone Number: 330-263-8440
  • Chapel Location: First Floor-Center Building



Call Support Groups

Special Services

Support Groups
Support Groups

After Breast Surgery Support Group

  • For all women who have experienced breast surgery
  • Contact: Susan VanSickle, RN, 330-202-5192

Alzheimer’s Association Support Group

  • A group that provides information for caregivers as well as current research developments
  • Contact: Jen Miller 330-966-7343 or 1-800-272-3900.

Diabetic Support Group

  • A support group for people with diabetes to learn, share ideas and help solve problems.  Group meets 3rd Monday of each month at Wooster Community Hospital from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Contact: Diabetic Clinic and Nutrition Services Department at 330-263-8196.

Healing Hearts (Pregnancy Loss Support Group)

  • A support group parents who have lost newborns or miscarried.  Group meets 4th Monday of each month at the Wayne County Library from 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Contact: Becky Yoder, R.N. 330-202-5548 or Krista Asher LISW-S, MSW 330-202-5191.

Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group

  • For men who have experienced prostate cancer and their spouses
  • Contact: Susan VanSickle, RN, 330-202-5192.

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

  • A support group for those newly diagnosed and living with Multiple Sclerosis. Meets at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month at Wooster Community Hospital
  • Contact: Pixie at 330-345-7374 or Ed and Tina 330-345-6647.

Ostomy Resource Information

  • For individuals who wish to engage in a discussion regarding any surgically created opening in the body for the discharge of body wastes
  • Contact: Susan VanSickle, RN, 330-202-5192.

Parkinson’s Support Group

  • For both patients and caregivers to provide understanding, comfort, sharing and information
  • Contact: Nancy Jordan 330-669-8568.

Sweet Somethin’s

  • A support group for parents with a child diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes; Contact: Heidi Steiner, RN 330-345-6475x7172.

Step by Step Stroke Club

  • A support group for stroke survivors and their family to share ideas and help solve problems that occur after a strokeGroup meets the second Friday of each month at Wooster Community Hospital from 1:00 PM - 3:00PM
  • Contact Sherry Atanasov 330-263-8417

Download our Support Groups PDF here

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WCH eCare
WCH eCare

WCH eCare allows you to conveniently and effortlessly manage your Wooster Community Hospital experience online. Our eCare service lets you pay your bill, view upcoming appointment times, pre-register and cancel appointments, view results, and much more. If you are already an eCare member and would like to log in to your account, or if you are interested in setting up a new account, please visit our WCH eCare page.

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Our Physicians
Our Physicians

Wooster Community Hospital employs numerous, top quality physicians. We are here to provide you with a high level of care that is unmatched in the area. Our physicians are passionate about caring for their patients and getting them back on their feet as quickly as possible, taking every precaution to insure it is done correctly and nothing is overlooked. To find a doctor or specialist that best fits your needs visit our Physicians page.

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