Delivering Exceptional Patient Care

When Carole and Bill Voliotes looked to move from North Carolina to Wooster a few years ago, they had one big concern – healthcare. As senior citizens with some health issues, they were interested in a facility that would be thorough, compassionate and competent. What they found at (WCH) far exceeded their expectations in all areas. 

Their introduction to WCH happened by chance January 17 when Carole thought she was having a heart attack. “It had been a busy day in a busy season of life,” Carole remembered. “We had just come back from shopping.”


My Local Pharmacy

Dave Maurer grew up in the Wooster area and he says “I like to do business locally whenever I can. For years I bought my medications at my uncle Paul Maurer’s Pharmacy on Cleveland Road. After they closed their doors I went to a chain pharmacy...not locally owned. I began to use the Wooster Community Retail Pharmacy when I had a knee replacement. My surgeon gave me a prescription at the time of my hospital discharge and suggested I could conveniently stop at the ground floor pharmacy on my way home. What a good idea that was! I had my medication in hand before leaving the building.


My husband is middle-aged and is suffering from persistent hip pain. He has tried chiropractic treatment and medications but nothing seems to alleviate the pain. What could be causing his pain?

Since your hip is a ball and socket joint, problems can arise when they are not working smoothly together. This problem can cause a condition known as Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI). FAI occurs when the head of your femur bone does not have full range of motion within the socket (acetabulum). Over time this can cause a breakdown of the cartilage that lines the socket. FAI is a major factor known to cause arthritis.

Orthopaedic Surgeon, OSU Medical Center Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

The Truth about Diabetes

Many people feel anxious and confused when they hear they have diabetes.  They start reading about it in brochures, books and on websites. Family, friends and neighbors offer advice.  All these opinions may leave them more confused. 

Here are some truths about diabetes:

Certified Diabetes Educator

Q: I have heard of a treatment called ECP therapy, what is it?

A:  ECP therapy (external counterpulsation therapy) is an alternative to treating blocked coronary arteries that does not involve surgery.  This non-invasive procedure can help someone who suffers from chronic chest pain.  During an ECP treatment the patient lies on an exam table while a series of three blood pressure cuffs wrapped around each leg is inflated and deflated in time with the patient’s heartbeat.  When the heart is relaxed between heartbeats the cuffs are inflated which squeezes blood toward the heart and increases the amount of blood flow into the coronary arteries.  When the

Coordinator, Cardiac Rehabilitation

Q. I have had a wound on my foot for a while that won't go away. What should I do?

A. If you suffer from a chronic wound that hasn’t healed in 30 days or a medical condition such as diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, bone infections, radiation skin irritations or vascular disorders resulting in poor blood circulation, your doctor may prescribe hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO).

The Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Healing Center uses HBO to treat patients referred by a variety of medical specialists such as primary care physicians, internists, podiatrists, radiation oncologists, dentists, gynecologists, neurologists and urologists.

Program Director, Hyperbaric Medicine & Wound Healing Center

Q. I'm struggling to control my blood pressure, diabetes, and weight - what can I do?

Like most Americans, you probably do not sleep the 7-9 hours each night that the National Sleep Foundation recommends. It is also safe to assume that you have, or know someone who has, one or more of the leading causes of death in the US according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) including heart disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease (such as COPD), or diabetes; all of which are affected negatively by an undiagnosed or untreated sleep disorder.

Sleep Technologist