Q: My husband doesn't take his medications as he should. What can I do?

A: Some reasons many patients are non-compliant with their medications include: forgetfulness (they forget to take it or get it refilled), they don't like the side effects, or they don't understand what the medication is for and how to take it.

Other factors that interfere with medication management include, poor vision, being unable to open medication bottles, not understanding how to use them, or the cost.

To improve medication management try;

Manager of Home Health Services and Home Assistance

Medication Disposal

If your medicine cabinet contains expired prescription or over-the-counter medications, disposing of them properly is a concern for everyone.  While some medications are safe to throw in the trash - others are not. 

According to the FDA, some powerful medication labels instruct the medication to be flushed due to danger of unintentional use or overdose.  This is the safest method of disposing controlled substances.  Some medications can still be powerful even after the expiration date and you should always use caution when disposing of them.

Assistant Pharmacy Manager