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Robotic Assisted Surgery at WCH

Robotic Assisted Surgery became an option at Wooster Community Hospital last this summer.  Several surgeons are now offering robotic assisted procedures to their patients for particular procedures.  Recently, a new article appeared in the Wooster Weekly News, the Holmes Bargain Hunter, and the Wayne Bargain Hunter about the hospital's Robotic Assisted Surgery program.

You can read that article in its entirety at this link:

Fall Community Newsletter

Philip Hostetler likes to joke that heart catheterizations "run in the family."  After all, his grandfather, father and brother have all undergone this procedure.  So it didn't come as a complete surprise when, after experiencing some heart arrhythmia this spring, his cardiologist ordered one for him as well.

Dr. Cyril Ofori mentioned there was a new catheterization procedure he might be a condidate for called radial artery catheterization.  Hostetler jumped at the chance.  "I was all over it.  Let me try it," said Hostetler.