Online Wellness Portal

Online Wellness Portals:
Wooster Community Hospital

The online wellness portal is a great way to empower your employees to live a healthy lifestyle.  The online capability allows employees to access their wellness programming and personal information at any time.  If you are a corporation that has already purchased the online wellness portal, click here for your online wellness portal.

The online wellness portal is a great way to employer your employees to live a healthy lifestyle and offers numerous opportunities to engage your employees. 

Health Risk Assessment

WellNotes which includes:

2 page monthly newsletter

Access to WellSource’s “Ask the Doctor” library

Monthly Thirty day company-wide wellness challenges

Healthy Living Guideline Videos


Healthy Activity Tracker

Participants log changes in their biometric data, record their health activities and aerobic miles, track individual progress towards their priority health goals, log participation in health classes and events, generate personal reports that summarize their progress, earn monthly wellness points for completing healthy activities that can be used in rewards program


Employer can create site development to improve employee participation in wellness programming by awarding points, inform participants of personal accomplishments through monthly activity reports, evaluate active participation and more