2017 Community Benefit Report

This years edition includes:

  • A Q&A with President/CEO, Bill Sheron
  • Why is Wooster's Women's Pavilion setting records? More choices. More safety.
  • It's a family affair in more ways than one: Jennifer Brown & Morgan Stryker's Story.
  • Enabling continuing education for nurses... and better care for patients.
  • Closer to family. Closer to friends. Closer to hope. Kim Ramsier's Story.
  • 2017 Financial Highlights with Vice President/CFO, Scott Boyes
  • Bringing state-of-the-art cancer care closer to home
  • Rethinking Intensive Care: WCH leads the way in a nationwide initiative.
  • WCH "At A Glance"
  • The Gift of Love is Never Outgrown: Imprints of Joy