Medical Alert


Medical Alert is a personal emergency response system that links you 24-hours-a-day with Wooster Community Hospital.  It allows you to live alone with confidence.  With a push of a button, medical help is only minutes away.  Medical Alert can be a lifesaver.  It means independence and peace of mind.  It means safety… for you or someone you love.

How it Works:

The Medical Alert system is reliable and easy to use.  It has two parts: a console that plugs into a telephone jack, and a wireless transmitter.
The transmitter is small, lightweight, and can be worn around your neck or attached to your belt.  Simply push the alarm button and the console sends a message to the hospital.  If you push the button by mistake, you will hear the message and you can easily cancel it.
Medical Alert is the only system that will put you in direct contact with Wooster Community Hospital. The call comes in on one of two private lines that are staffed 24-hours-a-day by trained personnel. Your emergency call will receive the same priority as a life-threatening situation in the hospital itself.


Medical Alert equipment has been purchased by the Wooster Community Hospital Auxiliary as a community service and is available to you for a rental fee of $20 per month.  There is no equipment for you to buy, no installation charge, and no maintenance charge for you to pay.

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