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Wooster Community Hospital is now collaborating with Akron Children’s Hospital to bring a higher level of neonatal care to our community. Neonatal care refers to the care of babies within the first month after they are born. A level II nursery is able to care for babies born up to 8 weeks premature (at or greater than 32 weeks gestation), who weigh at least 3lbs, and who are physically immature, such as those who have breathing problems or are unable to feed orally. This level of care is ideal for babies whose mothers go into labor before full term but do not require care at a high-risk delivery center or Level III neonatal intensive care unit. The Level II unit will be staffed by Akron Children’s physicians, specialized nurses and respiratory therapists.

Collaborating with Akron Children’s is a great opportunity for Wooster Community Hospital and the community.  Through this collaboration, more services will be provided locally; decreasing the need for family separation and increased travel. We understand that having preterm labor or a premature baby can be a stressful time and we are thrilled to better help our families by offering more specialized care.

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