Pastoral Care


At Wooster Community Hospital, we have found that support groups provide an important source of emotional and psychological benefits for our patients, former patients and their friends and families.

Pastoral Care

The goal of Pastoral Care at Wooster Community Hospital is to assure every patient of spiritual care that complements the physical care a patient receives. Information is made available to local clergy who desire to know if any of their parishioners are hospitalized, unless the patient opts not to be included on the hospital census. The Chaplain's Office will notify the patient's church of their admission when requested to do so by the patient.

The hospital Chaplain attempts to visit patients who have no church affiliation, and supplements the spiritual care given to those with church affiliations when needed. At times when the Hospital Chaplain is not in the building, local pastors who volunteer as On Call Chaplains are available when pastoral care needs arise.

  • Hospital Chaplain: Ray Pfahler
  • Phone Number: 330-263-8440
  • Chapel Location: Ground Floor


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