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The goal of the Transitional Care Unit is to help people get past the hurdles of recovery and back to their lives, work, family, and independent living. Patients may stay a few days or several weeks, depending on their needs. 


Wooster Community Hospital’s (WCH) Skilled Nursing Facility called the Transitional Care Unit (TCU) has received the U.S. News & World Report ‘Best Nursing Homes’ Award for the second consecutive year. This award is based on 4 different categories with an overall rating. These categories include:

  • Health Inspection and Complaints which shows how well our facility met home and safety standards for food preparation and other activities.
  • Staffing category looks at the average number of hours per day of care received per resident from registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, licensed vocation nurses and certified nurse assistants.
  • Medical Care Quality Measures is for the percentages of residents who got recommended care such as flu vaccinations and who had care-related problems such as pain.
  • Fire Safety which shows how well our home met National Fire Protection Association standards.

More than 15,000 nursing homes nationwide were evaluated, TCU was the only skilled nursing facility in Wayne County to receive an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars after being reviewed in all categories.

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