Joe Stoll

Wikipedia defines a perfect storm as “a confluence of events which leads to drastic changes” and usually refers to weather. Joe Stoll’s version of “a perfect storm” involves a series of events which led to drastic changes in his life and subsequently the lives of his family. This is Joe’s story:

I knew it was time for a change when I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without terrible pain in my knees. Our friends and neighbors were talking about their activities at HealthPoint so my wife Mary and I decided to join. I became serious about losing weight and getting in shape in 2012 when I enrolled in a class called Diet Free. I learned the “eight healthy habits” and the first thing I changed was to eat breakfast every morn- ing and I gave up my habit of “grab and go and out the door." We keep a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in the house so that there is always something available that is healthy to eat. I no longer eat junk food and I know when it is time to stop eating. We often grocery shop together and we now spend time reading labels and planning menus.

Another important event was that I was chosen by Sherry Leggett to participate in a Personal Trainer’s ten week competition. She pushed me to my limits, praised me, encouraged me to stick with the program, offered nutrition tips,urged me to join spinning classes and to start running. When I began running I was so self conscious about my weight that I would run at night but now I run 5K’s and run during the day. My goal to continue as a high school football referee has been met. In the first year I lost 50 pounds… it’s 2013… Now I am 80 pounds lighter.

Mary enjoys classes like Zumba and core training, and sometimes we go together to pursue our separate interests. Our children are also on board with this lifestyle change. Family vacations now include activities such as bike riding and hiking. I have found good friends at HealthPoint and found a new way to enjoy life. It may sound selfish but I have found that I need my time at the gym so it is OK if I have to miss a few innings of my son’s ball game in order to get in my exercise.

Joe Stoll came to HealthPoint to lose weight and get healthy. Through classes, regular workouts, and a commitment to staying with his program, he’s been successful and created his own “perfect storm.”