Leigh Ann Ziegler

Baby boy Grant Lucas Ziegler was born at WCH at 8:15am on September 6, 2013, to parents Leigh Ann and Luke Ziegler. The couple was impressed with the entire staff’s commitment to family inclusiveness and family–centered care during their hospital stay. In Leigh Ann’s words: “From the moment we arrived at 7am we knew we were expected and we had the secure feeling that they were so ready for us. Everyone seemed laid back but efficient. In the operating room the nurses explained everything to us and they appeared relaxed but professional and this was very calming for us. Big brother Parker (almost three) was excitedly waiting in the hall to see baby Grant and was pleased with the results. Something very special was the hour that Luke and I had alone with our new baby....the nurse brought him to us all cleaned up and we had a loving private hour with him.
“Our stay was so comfortable in our beautiful and very clean room, with plenty of space for two sets of doting grandparents and siblings to visit. We were attended to regularly by the doctors and nurses, and the WCH auxiliary staff was helpful as well. After three days and nights, I felt rested and ready to come home. On our last night Luke and I celebrated with our “going home”steak dinner, complete with sparkling grape juice. We had the best possible experience at WCH. “