Nancee Morgan

Nancee Morgan knew for a long time that she needed a right knee replacement but, as she said, “I tried everything else to ease my knee pain and nothing worked.” On July 15th the surgical procedure was done and Nancee was on her way to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit for recovery and several days of intensive physical and occupational therapy before discharge. Things, however, did not go exactly as planned. There were some medical and post-surgical issues that needed attention and after completing acute rehabilitation she continued to recover in the Transitional Care Unit (TCU). She received continued care until her discharge in August. In her words: “TCU was anything but boring. I had excellent physical and occupational therapy every single day and the entire staff was so supportive...even the cleaning staff was concerned about my progress. When I made a suggestion about my care everyone listened and I felt that I was involved in my recovery. The nurses, nurse practitioner, and physician were always available to answer questions, the food was good, and my room was attractive and very clean. I was fortunate that I had no pain from my surgery so I could enjoy my visitors and my meals in the dining room with the other patients when I chose to do so. I even had my hair done there. I was a bit apprehensive about being discharged to my two-story home where I would be on my own with stairs to manipulate, but the physical and occupational therapists came to the house and showed my daughter and I all the adjustments needed for my comfort and safety. We even made the couch the right height by putting a board under the legs so that I could sit and get up with ease. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!“