New Technology, Great Experiences

Repeat customers will be the first to tell you that the Wooster Community Hospital’s new advanced technology MRI is a faster, more pleasant experience.
“This thing is amazing,” says James Herbert of the new machine, and he’s just as enthusiastic about the technologist. “I’ve told several people, ‘You don’t have to panic, because they’re so good about explaining it. They’re right there...I was actually calm when they started to put me in...I was relaxed. I trusted them...I told everybody when I came out, this thing’s a piece of cake—this was nice!’”
Regina Davis, another Wooster Community Hospital MRI patient, shares Herbert’s enthusiasm for the new MRI experience. “Each time that I go in there, [the technologist] is so fantastic,” she said. “I just absolutely love Kathy Davenport...she treats you as if you were her best friend...I actually look forward to having MRIs there.”

“I just absolutely love Kathy Davenport...she treats you as if you were her best friend...I actually look forward to having MRIs there.”

The reason for this newfound confidence, says Herbert, is the time and care that WCH technologists put into preparing patients for the procedure. After suffering a panic attack during a previous MRI, Herbert was naturally reluctant to repeat the experience. “I was talking to the girls and telling them I was petrified,” he said of his most recent visit to the MRI suite, “and they said, ‘Well, we have a new patient here, and I think you’re going to be surprised.’”
The surprise was a good one—his experience this time was nothing like the last. In fact, he says, “I was comfort- able, I was happy with it, and the time seemed to go by relatively fast. I was in there forty minutes and it didn’t even seem like forty minutes. The other one, I was almost in sweats. I was petrified, terrified of it...and I’m not claustrophobic, and I don’t panic over things.”
Besides the new MRI being faster, wider, and more comfortable than the old machine, Herbert and Davis credit WCH employees with making the experience a pleasant one. The technologists made sure he knew where the help button was and how to use it. “I knew somebody was there,”he says,“I had confidence in them. That’s the biggest thing...I felt like if anything goes wrong, I’m gonna push this once and they’re going to be right here. I’m in good hands.”
When asked about the possibility that someone might forgo having an MRI that they really need because they are afraid of the experience, Herbert was adamant. “If they can go in there and these girls make them feel at ease, it’s a safety net,” he said. “I just knew they would do whatever they said they’d do. I was sure...I was at ease.”
Davis shares those sentiments. She says the technologists at WCH make her feel she is their number one concern. “I want to come to Wooster for all my MRIs,”she said,“That’s how I really feel.”