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WCH TodayCare provides you with 24/7 access to a qualified healthcare provider from the comfort of your own home by using a computer or mobile device.

We understand that getting sick is not convenient but your care should be, whether you are at home or on the go. WCH TodayCare is providing you with access to a healthcare provider 24/7 for non-emergent medical issues. We can work around you and your schedule to accommodate you with the best possible healthcare.
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How it Works

1. To get started simply go to the App Store or Google Play and search WCH TodayCare; download the app on to your device. Go into the app and click ‘Enroll Now’ where you will need to fill out a few questions about youself to help our healthcare  providers better understand your symptoms.

2. You will then have the opportunity to pick your healthcare provider and you’ll be placed into a short waiting virtual area.

3. Once your provider becomes available you will be invited to join the visit.

WCH TodayCare currently provides:

  • Urgent Care- $49 per visit
  • Behavioral Health- Rate is specific to the provider you select
  • Nutrition Services- Rate is specific to the provider you select
  • Breastfeeding Help- $75 for an hour visit

WCH Health System is excited to offer you this convenient service. We look forward to bringing more options to WCH TodayCare in the future.
If you experience any technical difficulties during your visit please call 855.635.1392.




Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be able to see my regular doctor through WCH TodayCare?
Not all WCH active staff doctors are currently participating in virtual visits but they are all qualified doctors within the Wooster
Community Hospital Health System. You will be able to see all the doctors qualification and you will then be able to choose the doctor you feel most comfortably fits your needs.

How long do virtual visits last?
Visits typically vary just as if you were in the doctors office. Since they are non-emergent issues, the visits tend to last about 15
minutes. However, as different practices are added to WCH TodayCare, each practice will specify how long each appointment will take.

Are virtual visits as good as in-person visits?
Patients are typically very satisfied with the care they receive through online visits. The physician will have a series of questions that they will ask you and sometimes you will have to help the physician evaluate you. For example, if you are calling in because of a headache, the physician may ask you if you have any numbness, difficulty moving your neck, etc. to see if your issue might be something that needs to be seen in person. Physicians are allowed to prescribe medication through virtual visits.

Will my insurance cover a virtual visit?
Employers and health plans are adding teleheath as a benefit. When you enter your insurance information during enrollment you can see if you qualify. For verification you should check your own insurance plan. Documentation will be provided to submit to your insurance or healthcare company.