Colonoscopy procedures are done by Gastroenterologists and General Surgeons on staff at Wooster Community Hospital. Gastroenterology is a medical subspecialty concentrating on the digestive organs involving the stomach, bowels, liver, colon, and gallbladder. The Gastroenterologist treats conditions such as abdominal pain, ulcers, diarrhea, cancer and jaundice. Gastroenterologists perform complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using lighted scopes to see internal organs.

What to Know

  • Is a procedure done to look for signs of colorectal cancer, inflamed tissue, ulcers, and abnormal growths.
  • Can also diagnose unexplained bowel changes, pain of the abdomen, anal bleeding, or weight loss causes, among more.
  • Is a procedure used to see inside the colon and rectum, done once every ten years.
  • It is suggested that you receive your first colonoscopy at age 50, earlier if there is a family history of colon cancer.
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