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The Community Care Network is a collaborative program between Wooster Community Hospital and The College of Wooster. The goals of the program are to promote wellness, reduce the need for potentially unnecessary procedures and hospitalizations and promote delivery of evidenced based care.

CCN has established an interdisciplinary team comprised of a social worker/discharge planner, pharmacists, mental health provider, dietitian, nurse and other disciplines as needed to meet and develop a plan of care that addresses the patient’s goals towards a healthier lifestyle.

The patients are selected based on their desire to embrace a health change. Patients identified for this program are those who have had multiple hospitalizations, and/ or potentially avoidable ED visits, and have chronic diseases. Eligible participants may be identified during an acute care hospitalization, emergency department visit or by physician referral.

It is anticipated that the patient will be enrolled in the program for a minimum of 15 weeks but it may be longer depending on the needs of the patient.

If anyone is interested in being a member of CCN, contact Alex Davis RN at 330.263.8483.

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WCH Community Care Network Receives Award

Community Care Network Class of 2017



The College of Wooster Experiential Learning Program presented Wooster Community Hospital with the above award recognizing the hospital as a community partner.  The collaborative learning program between The College of Wooster and Wooster Community Hospital benefits patients within our community and gives students the opportunity to experience, first hand, many aspects of the healthcare profession. 

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