Emergency Care

The Emergency Department at Wooster Community Hospital is a specialty area providing medical services for urgent situations concerning illnesses or injuries. We have physicians and nurses trained and certified in Emergency Medicine, as well as a modern facility allowing us to provide quality care in a personal manner. Working as a team, this group of dedicated professionals demonstrate on a daily basis their training and experience in trauma, pediatrics, and critical care to meet a wide array of patient services.

When complex procedures such as neuro surgery or invasive cardiology surgery that are not performed at Wooster Community Hospital are necessary, patients may be transferred to a tertiary care center in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, or Columbus. A tertiary care center is only minutes away since a heliport is on the campus of Wooster Community Hospital and numerous land transport services are available.

Examination and Treatment

Emergency Department patients are placed in an examination area where an Emergency Room physician sees them. Following examination and assessment of the patient's symptoms, laboratory and radiology tests may be ordered to help diagnose the patient's condition. Upon discharge, patients will receive necessary information concerning care received and follow-up procedures.

Beaverson EMS Institute

The Beaverson Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Institute at Wooster Community Hospital is a privately endorsed foundation providing emergency squads with equipment and advanced education.

Triage - Medical Urgency

The word "triage" is frequently used in all Emergency Departments. It means that medical priority is given to patients who require the most immediate care. A patient experiencing a heart attack would receive medical attention before a patient who does not present with life threatening symptoms.

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