Your primary care physician has asked a group of physicians, referred to as Hospitalists, to care for you while you are in the hospital. Our Hospitalist group takes care of only hospitalized patients so they are always available to respond to any changes in your condition, order medical tests, and answer any questions that you or your family have. In addition, your regular physician has access to your medical record and can follow your care while you are in the hospital.

The Hospitalist program enables your primary care physician to be available to you in the office, while the Hospitalists are always available to you while a patient at WCH, so it is easier for you and your family.

When will I see a Hospitalist?

Our Hospitalist program offers patients around the clock care.

What are the benefits of a Hospitalists program?

Since Hospitalists work only at Wooster Community Hospital, they can arrange for immediate tests & assessments and follow up on those results. They personally know every specialist and department in the hospital and are in contact with the patient and family to answer questions.

Care and Services Contact

Call the Hospital Medicine Specialist Department 330.263.8100

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