Oncology Patient Navigator


Here at WCH our “Oncology Patient Navigator” is someone who provides individual assistance to patients and family members to help overcome healthcare system barriers for oncology patients.  This role can involve education, linking to internal or external resources, handling insurance questions, or simply facilitating timely access to care.

Wooster Community Hospital offers the assistance of a Patient Navigator at your service.  They can provide assistance with medical care as well as connecting oncology patients to available resources.

Our team includes Polly Johnson, Oncology Patient Navigator. She can be reached at 330.202.5162 or by email at: pjohnson@wchosp.org

The Oncology Patient Navigator office is located in the Outpatient Pavilion.

Care and Services Contact

Oncology Patient Navigator can be reached at 330.202.5162 or by email at: pjohnson@wchosp.org

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