Q. I have a long family history of Breast Cancer. What other risks for Breast Cancer should I be concerned about?

A. Because Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States with exception to skin cancer, knowing your risks gives you the opportunity to make lifestyle changes that can reduce your risk of a Breast Cancer diagnosis.

Risk factors include:
• Age: half of all women diagnosed are over age 65
• Weight: being obese or overweight
• Diet & Lifestyle: Lack of physical activity, a diet high in saturated fat, drinking more than two alcoholic drinks per day

Oncology Nurse

WCH presented with Outstanding Achievement Award

This week, the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (CoC) presented Wooster Community Hospital with the “Outstanding Achievement Award" trophy. The WCH Cancer Program was previously awarded Accreditation with Commendation by the CoC, and was notified that it had been awareded the Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA), which recognizes the program further.